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Windows 8 Considerations

Windows 8 has a significantly different look and feel than its predecessor, Windows 7.    The versions of Windows 8 and 8.1 that run on desktop and laptop computers, generally speaking, will run most software that is compatible with Windows Vista and Windows 7  (but not necessarily Windows XP).

Windows 8, like Windows 7, when installed on new computers, is almost always a 64 Bit edition.

Use the chart below to determine which version of our products run on a desktop or laptop computer running Windows 8.  Only the current versions of our products as noted below are supported on Windows 8.

The versions noted are also compatible with Windows "tablet" and "2 in 1" hybrid laptop/tablet computers like the Microsoft Surface Pro - as long as they run the "Pro" version of Windows 8.  (Some early Surface tablets DO NOT run software written for previous versions of Windows )

Software Application Compatible Tested Version

Easy-Scout XP Plus

Single Installer *Version 2.1

Easy-Scout Professional

32/64 Bit
Version 3.6, 4 

Easy-Recruiter Version 5

Single Installer Version 5.1

Athletic Equipment Manager

Single Installer Version 3.6

Additional Software Application Notes


Windows 8 no longer includes DVD Maker or DVD playback, however there are a number of add on software applications for those who need to work with DVD's. 

Easy-Scout Professional and Easy-Cut

 Easy-Scout Professional is available in 32 and 64 Bit Versions for use with Windows Vista, Windows 7 and *Windows 8. 

* Only Easy-Cut Version 5 is compatible with Windows 8. Easy-Cut was withdrawn from marketing in June 2016.

Easy-Scout Plus

* Easy-Scout XP Plus Version 2.1 is the only supported version on Windows 8


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