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Windows 7 Considerations

Microsoft went to great lengths to engineer a high level of backward compatibility into Windows 7, and the transition from Windows Vista to Windows 7 is less troublesome and complex than the transition from Windows XP to Windows Vista.

However, we do NOT recommend upgrading older computers to Windows 7 without running the Windows 7 upgrade advisor tool.

Windows 7 is usually delivered in 64 Bit versions, which makes it VERY IMPORTANT to verify that any specialized software (like coaching software) will operate properly on 64 Bit versions of Windows.   In some cases, a separate or different 64 Bit version of a software application may be required, and in some cases, may not be available.

The information below is designed to assist current and prospective users of CompuSports software applications in determining the effect a a transition to Windows 7 will have on the use of the current version of each application.

Software Application Compatible Tested Version

Easy-Scout XP Plus

Single Installer *Version 2.1

Easy-Scout Professional

32/64 Bit
*Version 3.0 or later


32/64 Bit
Version 3.0 or later

Easy-Recruiter Version 5

Single Installer All

Athletic Equipment Manager

Single Installer All

Additional Software Application Notes


Windows DVD Maker is included in most versions of Windows 7. Windows no longer includes Windows Movie Maker with Windows, though a new version now called Windows Essentials Movie Maker can be downloaded from Microsoft's web site.

Easy-Scout Professional and Easy-Cut

Both Easy-Cut and Easy-Scout Professional are available in 64 Bit Versions for use with Windows Vista and Windows 7.  Windows 7 users have a wide range of options for video formats when working with Easy-Scout Professional's Video Scouting module, however the Easy-Scout Professional publishing module and Easy-Cut require video in AVI or WMV format.


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